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Our names are Christian (21) and Katelynn (20) and we currently live in Humboldt County of Northern California! We live in a 2014 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel trailer with our three little baby kitties-Juniper, Sage and Basil. We decided to live in this area to attend college because it is the absolute perfect area for growing and learning, and that is what this time in our lives is for! We eat a plant based diet (vegan) while learning how to grow our own food. Our goals are to travel the United States after we receive our degrees and see what this world has to offer. Watch us on our journey!


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Hello world, We have been super busy with life in general. Between school and homework, work and making money, keeping the trailer clean, taking care of our pets and maintaining a social life, things tend to¬†feel¬†pretty hectic. 2017 has showed us a lot of change so far, while we continue to grow and become more … Continue reading Update

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